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Kuche Chef

Organic Cast Iron Oil

Organic Cast Iron Oil

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About Kuche Chef Cast Iron Oil

  • Kuche Chef Cast Iron Oil is made from flaxseed oil that is grown and pressed pure in the USA - North Dakota. It is 100% organic flaxseed oil that contains a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • We will teach you how to season and prolong the lifespan of your cast iron cookware
  • Unlike canola oil, palm oil, or other types of common household oils, flaxseed oil is a drying oil. The oil will never go rancid or make your cast iron sticky. This organic essential oil formula helps keep your cookware smooth, shiny, and non-stick result
  • Kuche Chef designed this cast iron oil to help restore, build and maintain a natural seasoning on your cookware. Making your kitchenware easier to clean and pleasant to cook with, your food will taste better!
  • Flaxseed oil is the only drying oil that’s edible, this makes our organic cast iron oil perfect for creating a non-stick seasoning on your cast iron via fat polymerization

Product Description

Kuche Chef Cast Iron Oil is ideal for seasoning cast iron because it’s a “drying oil”, which means it will transform into a hard, tough film.

The seasoning on cast iron is formed by fat polymerization, fat polymerization is maximized with a drying oil, and flaxseed oil is the only drying oil that’s edible.

Cast iron oil is the perfect conditioner for all cast iron cookware such as pots, pans, skillets, dutch ovens, woks, griddles and mineral B pans.

How to season cast iron:

  1. Warm clean cast iron pan for 15 minutes in a 200°F (100°C) oven to open its pores.
  2. Remove the pan from the oven. Place 1 tablespoon cast iron oil in the pan and using tongs, rub the oil into the surface with paper towels. With fresh paper towels, thoroughly wipe out the pan to remove excess oil.
  3. Place the oiled pan upside down in a cold oven, then set the oven to 450°F (250°C) and heat for 60 minutes. Turn off the oven; cool the pan in the oven for at least two hours.
  4. Repeat the process five more times or until the pan develops a dark, semi-matte surface.

Tip: Do not attempt to speed up the process with thicker coats of oil. The process needs to be timed and measured. You will still need grease when cooking.

This cast iron conditioner will NOT go rancid or leave a sticky, smelly residue.

Cast iron maintenance tips:

  1. To prevent scratching of the cooking surface use only wooden or silicone utensils
  2. Rinse cast iron hot water and scrub with a chainmail scrubber and kosher salt immediately after each use. Do not use soap
  3. Always hand wash your cast iron or carbon steel cookware and do not leave it to soak in water
  4. Never wash cast iron cookware in the dishwasher
  5. Dry your cast iron in warm oven after use to avoid rust damage

Kuche Chef Cast Iron Oil is suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians.

Please keep the oil refrigerated after opening the lid, for long term use.

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