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Kuche Chef

Natural Cutting Board Soap (8oz)

Natural Cutting Board Soap (8oz)

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  • This natural kitchenware cleaning soap from Kuche chef is specifically formulated to clean cutting boards while ensuring the board is preserved. Unlike traditional detergent soaps on the market, this soap is manufactured using the traditional soap making methods that don't use parabens, phosphates or artificial foaming agents.
  • This cutting board cleanser is deliberately unscented to eliminate unwanted odors so the seasoning of the board and kitchenware is unhindered.
  • The soap can also be used on other kitchenware items to preserve the surface coating from chemicals.
  • Ideal for sensitive rice cooker bowls, carbon steel pans and more.
  • Apply a teaspoon of soap directly onto board or cookware and clean with hot water; use a soft bristled brush and dry thoroughly. For best results, apply Kuche Chef everyday Cutting Board conditioner after each use to protect and restore.

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Kuche Chef Cutting board cleaning soap is 100% produced, packaged and labeled in the USA, Montana.

Unlike most dish soaps, this Cutting Board soap contains no harmful additives, no artificial thickeners or gels. Kuche Chef believes the best way to clean is with natural ingredients, which are 100% Earth-friendly and safe for everyone including kids, pets and those with sensitive skin!

Kuche Chef Cutting Board soap is suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians.

INGREDIENTS - Sunflower oil *, Coconut oil *, Water, Potassium hydroxide, Vegetable glycerin *, Rosemary extract - * organic

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