The Potato Ricer by Küche Chef

The Küche Chef potato ricer is made from 18/8 stainless steel. To ensure the strength of our potato ricer we have made our product stronger than the competition, the ricing cup 1mm thick while the top handle is 1.2mm and the bottom handle is 1.5mm thick, all premium 304 grade stainless.

The food ricer has user friendly features like stylish black soft grip silicone handles and a balancing silicon hook that are dishwasher safe. This product, along with all Küche Chef products has been ergonomically designed with easy use and comfort in mind to ensure maximising the straining of food through the ricer.

Stainless steel potato ricers produce the best lump free mash, whether your mash is potato, vegetables or fruit. The creamiest, finest mash is produced by a stainless steel ricer as the product can handle the extra pressing pressure you wish to apply.

As well as creating creamy mashed potato the food ricers is the ideal for making baby food. Boiling the likes of pumpkin or apples and passing through the Kuche Chef potato ricer produces a delicious nutritious meal for a baby.

Point to Consider Before Purchase a Potato Ricer

Before you purchase a potato ricer or food mill consider these points:

  • What is the size of the ricing cup? The larger the cup the less prep time there is in the kitchen as it will hold a whole potato
  • What material is the ricer made of? A ricer by nature needs to be made from durable high grade steel as you are forcing a solid vegetable or fruit through small wholes, buying a stainless steel product give you peace of mind on the strength of the product
  • Are additional features of any benefit? Many ricers are sold with multiple disks, removable disks often stick to the masher after squash the potato, this can make them frustrating to use. It is best to buy a ricer that has a fixed disk
  • Is the ricer easy to use? Ricer with longer handles allow for increased leverage making it easier to mash vegetables. Silicone pads to soften the force making the ricer more comfortable to use

Potato Ricer Food Suggestions

What can you make with a food ricer:

  • Creamy mash, be it potato, sweet potato or pumpkin
  • Pureed fruit, apple sauce, cranberry sauce and more can be passed through a food ricer
  • Baby food, a ricer can be used to make healthy baby food
  • Egg salad, pass eggs through the ricer to make a smooth egg salad
  • Vegetable soups, to smooth out your soups you can pass the chunkier vegetables through the ricer to make them easier to consume
  • Gnocchi, pass your potato through the ricer for lump from gnocchi

Tip: You can boil your potatoes with the skin on so you don’t lose all the valuable nutrients and pass them through the ricer.

A potato ricer would make an ideal for a wedding gift or present at your friend’s baby shower or even a house warming present. This gift will be one they will always stay with your Family and Friends.

We at Kuche Chef have the hospitality industry knowledge in both back and front of house. We develop product concepts which are proven to enhance the kitchen and dining experience.

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